About Us


CAJ Packaging Solutions Inc. brings more than 15 years of experience to your packaging needs. Since the year 2000, CAJ has grown from a simple company that served the bottle requirements of pharmaceutical companies, to a company that caters to a huge variety of packaging needs like food and cosmetic closures, fragrance bottles, and other packaging components. The company is ably supported by global industry experts. Shandong, the biggest pharmaceutical glass manufacturer in China, and Aptar, the most respected name in dispensing products, both global leaders in their fields, count CAJ as a strategic partner in the Philippines.


CAJ Packaging Solutions Inc. envisions itself to become the company of choice for the Packaging needs of big and small businesses in the Philippines. Furthermore, CAJ wishes to become a service company that evolves with the changing times, a company that is flexible and adapts to modern technology and up-to date corporate practices.


CAJ makes it their mission to serve and support its client’s needs by being active in the client’s package development, providing quality assurance services, giving customized delivery services, and providing innovative packaging solutions.