Our main suppliers are industry leaders in their fields. They are innovators in both product design and production processes. CAJ taps the technical expertise of their suppliers to help customers in product package development. From conceptualization, to technical drawings, mold ups, package testing and sampling, CAJ can assist its customer every step of the way. CAJ makes its supplier’s expertise accessible to its customers.


CAJ is partnered with suppliers who excel in producing quality products yet, CAJ adds an extra layer of quality assurance by conducting incoming and outgoing inspections. CAJ also audits its supplier’s facilities and accompanies customers who want to conduct their own audit. CAJ ensure that quality issues are addressed expeditiously and responsibly despite the distance of its customers and suppliers location.


CAJ provides warehousing and inventory services for customers needing JIT (just in time) delivery. Goods can be packed and delivered as per customer specification. CAJ bridges the gap between supplier’s standards of shipment and customer’s particular delivering needs. CAJ keeps inventory of standard items for customers who cannot meet minimum order quantities. We ensure that our warehouse passes the standards of our discerning customers.


With more than 20 years of experience in this business, CAJ is also ably supported by their principals who are experts and industry leaders in their fields. CAJ offers complete technical assistance to their clients, and also facilitates coordination between their clients and the suppliers abroad.